Chloe Goodman

Deep Tissue and

Remedial Massage

Deep tissue and remedial massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles, connective tissue and fascia.

This treatment uses firm and deep pressure to release tension and adhesion within the muscle fibers, helping to break down any trigger points also known as knots in the muscle, Chloe is also trained in myofascial release, an in balance of fascia can cause an in balance in the bodies mechanics. working with these different massage techniques encourages the muscles to move freely and correctly.

For your first treatment an hour is recommended and will begin with an in depth consultation to discuss the problem areas, history and background of your daily life which may impact on your body patterns.  Any queries please feel free to call or email Chloe to discuss further prior to treatment.

An in depth consultation is carried out at the beginning of your appointment to discuss problem areas and history of the persons daily life style such as:

Back ache, Tension Headaches, Shoulder Issues, IT Band Syndrome, Plantar Fascitis, Upper and Lower back pain, Sciatica, Tennis & Golfer Elbow, Tension, pain and general problems in the lower limbs.

Benefits to deep tissue and remedial massage

  • Eases tension in muscles
  • Improves muscle recovery and performance
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases blood flow throughout the body
  • Can help relieve aches and pains such as back pain due to bad posture or stiffness/soreness and arthritic pain.
  • Breaks down scar tissue
  • Lowers blood pressure


Feel free to call Chloe if you would like to discuss further and find out if this treatment would be suited to you.

Deep Tissue Massage & Remedial Treatment

1 Hour 30 mins Massage


1 Hour Massage


45 Minute Massage


30 Minute Massage


Premium charge applied for weekend & pre 9am & post 5pm slots


All appointments are pre paid 24hours before arrival. If your appointment is not paid then this slot will be cancelled and offered to a waiting list client.

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Hear what others have to say

Chloe never dissapoints , I have always suffered with my back especially since having a second baby ! Her pregnancy treatment made me feel like a new woman while I was suffering with achey legs and back , her products and environemnt are both relaxing and welcoming and nothing is too much trouble , even if I’ve messaged her to see me at short notice because of a flare up she’s amazing and always trys her best to get me in .. more importantly she listens , locates the issue and gets it solved. Highly recommended ! X

Amazing therapist!

I am a professional mixed martial arts fighter, and I have been for a number of years with much experience in pushing my body to the limits physically. I have been to different osteopaths, physiotherapists and masseurs over the years but Chloe is by far the best in order to help my body recover. Not only is she very knowledgable about her trade, she is also super friendly and helpful whenever I want to ask any questions relating to any injuries I may have. Thoroughly recommended, and I could not even think about doing an 8 week training fight camp without Chloes help.

Can I recommend enough

Thanks Chloe for the excellent service you provide - nothing is too much trouble. Amazingly accommodating for working parents. Chloe goes the extra mile to make sure that all my ailments are addressed during the session regardless of the time it takes! Thanks Chloe

Great service

Relaxing, enjoyable and very professional

A very relaxing experience

Chloe is very professional and I felt very comfortable during the treatments I have had with her. I have a back condition and have found Chloe’s massages to help with this, Chloe has also helped me with shin splints as well. I’m happy to recommend Chloe to everyone, in fact my fiancé and mother have both visited Chloe too and were very pleased with the results.

Very knowledgable and great treatments