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Sports Massage


Though it has been primarily designed to help improve performance,

Reduce pain and injury in sport, fitness and exercise, its results-driven approach makes it highly effective for people from all walks of life.

Particularly for anyone looking to improve flexibility, ease tight or painful muscles or combat postural or musculoskeletal pain – whether from an every day injury or simply (and frequently) from spending long hours at a desk

Sports Massage techniques can also be used to reduce the impact of previous injuries, and the resulting scar tissue or in-elasticity that may be impacting on your body’s ability to heal or move properly.

Sports Massage refers to the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body. Outside of the pre and post event, the focus is on aiding recovery in general. Regular sports massage can aid the improvement of movement quality. This is achieved through reducing tension from stress and can give a better sense of body awareness.

To begin your treatment an in depth consultation is carried out with Chloe to discuss the problem areas, history and background of your daily life, work and physical activity.   If you have any queries please feel free to email or call her to discuss prior to treatment.

Chole Goodman

There are three areas where sports massage is used and Chloe will use the consultation to workout which sort of requirement you may need.

Maintenance Massage:

A regular massage treatment programme along with Chloe's understanding of anatomy and of the muscles used for a required action, Chloe can help maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility.

Pre-event and post-event massage treatment

Pre-event treatment is used to warm-up muscles and enhance circulation, reduce excess muscle and mental tension prior to competition. It is tailored to the needs of the athlete and his/her event and can be relaxing or stimulating as appropriate.

Post-event massage, is geared towards reducing the muscle spasms and metabolic build-up that occur with rigorous exercise. Various sports massage techniques enhance the body’s own recovery process improving the athlete’s ability to return to training and competition, and reducing the risk of injury.


Even with preventative maintenance, muscles cramp, tear, bruise, and ache. Sports massage can speed healing and reduce discomfort during the rehabilitation process. Soft tissue techniques are effective in the management of both acute and chronic injuries. Trigger point release reduce the spasm and pain that occur both in the injured and "compensation" muscles. Cross-fibre friction techniques can help with healing by improved formation of strong and flexible repair tissue, which is vital in maintaining full pain-free range of motion during rehabilitation.


Feel free to call Chloe if you would like to discuss further and find out if this treatment would be suited to you.

1 Hour 30 min Massage


Pre treatment consultation and exercises included

1 Hour Massage


Pre treatment consultation and exercises included

45 Minute Massage


Pre treatment consultation and exercises included

30 Minute Massage


Pre treatment consultation and exercises included

Premium charge added for all weekend slots, week day pre 9am & post 5pm slots


All appointment slots are prepaid 24 hours before arrival - if payment has not been made the appointment slot will be cancelled. Due to high demand of people on the waiting list.

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Hear what others have to say

Chloe never dissapoints , I have always suffered with my back especially since having a second baby ! Her pregnancy treatment made me feel like a new woman while I was suffering with achey legs and back , her products and environemnt are both relaxing and welcoming and nothing is too much trouble , even if I’ve messaged her to see me at short notice because of a flare up she’s amazing and always trys her best to get me in .. more importantly she listens , locates the issue and gets it solved. Highly recommended ! X

Amazing therapist!

I am a professional mixed martial arts fighter, and I have been for a number of years with much experience in pushing my body to the limits physically. I have been to different osteopaths, physiotherapists and masseurs over the years but Chloe is by far the best in order to help my body recover. Not only is she very knowledgable about her trade, she is also super friendly and helpful whenever I want to ask any questions relating to any injuries I may have. Thoroughly recommended, and I could not even think about doing an 8 week training fight camp without Chloes help.

Can I recommend enough

Thanks Chloe for the excellent service you provide - nothing is too much trouble. Amazingly accommodating for working parents. Chloe goes the extra mile to make sure that all my ailments are addressed during the session regardless of the time it takes! Thanks Chloe

Great service

Relaxing, enjoyable and very professional

A very relaxing experience

Chloe is very professional and I felt very comfortable during the treatments I have had with her. I have a back condition and have found Chloe’s massages to help with this, Chloe has also helped me with shin splints as well. I’m happy to recommend Chloe to everyone, in fact my fiancé and mother have both visited Chloe too and were very pleased with the results.

Very knowledgable and great treatments